Fool-Dude and Friends is a fictional TV show broadcasted at the Tooniverse Televison. It was shown to be one of the most atrocious shows on the channel, ever!

Details About ItEdit

  • The theme song replaced with a screwed up, malfunctioned version of the actual theme song they used, but it's super louder than ever. (When the Dust Bunnies Came to Town)
  • It's filled with a million animation errors. (The Nose, A Game to Life, and Toastered)
  • Everyone in the show is atleast 24. (Computero Takes a Break)
  • Whip crack sounds. (Street Up and The Pumpkin)
  • The main antagonist is a lazy couch potato and never does his job. (Toastered 3: The Toasting)
  • The villans win in every episode. (Duskway Eubank and the Roasted Rooster from the Oven)
  • Every episode have pointless filler. (Big Top Lemmy)
  • The main antagonist is now replaced with either Bubsy Bobcat (as a bad villan) or Herbert P. Bear. (Fast and the Curious)
  • The show is said to take place in the Prarie grasslands in Canada. (Every Season 12 Episode)
  • One of the female characters is a Directioner. (Police Officer)
  • It has fart/poop jokes and toilet humor. (Shovel Knight Digs Into Glory!)
  • There are annoying 3-minute musical numbers that teach people to be rude, selfish, etc. (He Occasionally Sunk)
  • There is a movie named "Fool-Dude and Friends - THE MOVIE" which gets 20% on Rotten Tomatoes. (25 Episodes of Christmas: Episode 21)

Other Details About ItEdit

  • It is said to be one of Aqua Man's favorite shows.

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