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Hero MegaToon1234 Saves the World is an platformer/beat-em-up game made for the MegaToon WaveSystem made by MegaToon Interactive.


Somewhere, in the Dark World, an evil force called the Evil Crew is planning to take over the planet Earth by blowing it up. The Evil Crew is led by the Shadow Dominator where he is doing the roll-call on his troops and plot on their own evil plan just to get the Earth to end.

Meanwhile, when at the Tooniverse, Elijah is walking down the streets pointing out what was happening, until he notices some possessed guards of the mayor's whitehouse, then Gannon and Computero join in just to see what was going on and they must stop those possessed guards.




Playable CharactersEdit

Non-Playable CharactersEdit




World 1: Green Hill (Grassland)Edit

World 2: Palmtree Shores (Beach)Edit

World 3: Desert Palace (Desert)Edit

World 4: Mount Gadget (Cliff)Edit

World 5: Snowy Slopes (Snow)Edit

World 6: Hydrocity Utopia (Underwater)Edit

World 7: Jungle Hijinx (Jungle)Edit

World 8: Crooked Caves (Cavern)Edit

World 9: Uptown Tooniverse (City)Edit

World 10: Skyhigh Heights (Sky)Edit

World 11: The Maze-o-Turtle (Womb Place)Edit

World 12: Lava Temple (Volcanic)Edit

World 13: The Dark World (Shadowish world)Edit