Lunchtime!!! is the 4th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


Everyone in the μ's except Nico has their own lunch, when they go for a bathroom break, Nico decides to eat their lunch!


The μ'sEdit



  • [The scene opens at the Otonokizaka High School cafeteria, the μ's except Nico are eating their own lunch]
  • [Nico walks to the scene]
  • Honoka: "Hey Nico!"
  • Nico: "Hello Honoka, i don't have my own lunch..."
  • Nozomi: "Well, were not giving our lunch to you."
  • Nico: "Why?!"
  • [The other μ's members gasp when they need to go to the bathroom, so they go to the bathroom for a bathroom break]
  • Nico: "Hehehe, now i have my chance..."
  • [Nico decides to eat all of the other μ's member's foods]
  • Nico: "Now i'm full..."
  • [Nico feels a stomache ache]
  • Nico: "I think i'm not feeling well..."
  • [The other μ's walk back to the cafeteria and notice their lunches are gone]
  • [When Nico went to the bathroom, she put a sign that says "Eli did it!"]
  • Eli: "If it was me, how come Nico went to the bathroom last?"
  • [When Nico returned from the bathroom]
  • Nico: "O-Oh, hi guys..."
  • Honoka: "Did you eat our lunch?!"
  • Nico: "No! Eli did it!"
  • Eli: "Lies! Nico did it!"
  • Nico: "Well guess what, i got this Dream Stone!"
  • [Nico shows the Dream Stone from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team]
  • Nico: "Dream Stone, my wish is to turn them into babies especially Principal Minami and my mother!"
  • [The Dream Stone turns everyone into babies]
  • [Felicia slams a door and holds the star rod, and wishes that Nico's wish would be reverted and the Dream Stone would be gone from Nico's hands]
  • [Nico quickly snatches the Star Rod from Felicia and wishes on the Star Rod that the Dream Stone comes back to her hands]
  • [Nico eats the Dream Stone, which causes her to turn into her Dreamy Self called Dreamy Nico]
  • Felicia: "Oh...crap..."
  • [Felicia runs away.]
  • Dreamy Nico: "Now i am feeling all rainbowish! And i can wish whatever i want!"
  • [Dreamy Nico wishes that everybody in Otonokizaka High School is a baby]
  • [Meanwhile outside Otonokizaka High School]
  • Felicia: "This is terrible! Nico took the dreamy stone!"
  • Igor: "What the...?"
  • [Pingy gasps]
  • Dreamy Nico: "I wish that my mom is a baby!"
  • [Dreamy Nico turns her mother into a baby]
  • Felicia: "See?!"
  • Igor: "Pingy, get Mario, Luigi and Doremy Sweet involved on this."
  • Pingy: "Okie Dokie!"
  • [Pingy calls Mario, Luigi, and Doremy Sweet in the phone, and they arrive in a few minutes]
  • Doremy: "What is the matter this time?"
  • Igor: "Nico ate the Dreamy Stone!"
  • [Dreamy Nico blasts the group (Igor, Pingy, Felicia, Mario, Luigi and Doremy).]
  • Doremy: "GAAH! She wants a fight?! Then she'll have a fight!"
  • [Doremy uses her spellcard, "Dream Sign - Dream of Eternal Sorrow" aganist Dreamy Nico, while results to Nico get a massive amount of damage.]
  • [A Smash ball files by and Mario breaks it]
  • Dreamy Nico: "Oh sh*t!"
  • [Mario performs "Mario Finale", which is enough to knock down Dreamy Nico]
  • [Dreamy Nico turns back to normal, and her wishes are reverted, and the μ's walk towards the group]
  • Nico: "...I'm sorry!"
  • Honoka: "Nope, I'm not accepting your apology."
  • Nico: "What happened?"
  • Honoka: "You turned us into babies, TWICE."
  • [The episode ends]