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Nico gets Detention!

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  • Igor the Mii
  • Pingy Animatronic

Nico gets Detention! is the 84th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.

Plot SummaryEdit

After swearing in class, Nico recieves detention! However, she attempts to escape.


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  • [The episode starts at the classroom in Otonokizaka High School.]
  • Yuuko Kakihisa: "Okay, class—today we will study about the fish species that are natively in Japan."
  • Nico Yazawa: "More like go f⬤⬤k yourself in the a⬤⬤!"
  • Yuuko Kakihisa: "Nico Yazawa, watch your mouth! You have 1 hour detention for swearing at me!"
  • Nico Yazawa: "F⬤⬤k you! You suck b⬤lls!" [She points a middle finger at Yuuko]
  • Yuuko Kakihisa: "Nico! How rude you say that to me! Additional 7 hours detention—that brings a total of 8 hours! You will go to the detention class after dismissal."
  • [Later, Nico goes to the detention room.]
  • Iriko Ookami: "So class, welcome to the detention class. There will be no talking during the class! Because all of you are not well-disciplined in this school."
  • [Nico gets her iPhone out and plays Angry Birds]
  • Iriko Ookami: "Nico! So cell phones during detention!"
  • Nico Yazawa: "Shut the f⬤⬤k up, d⬤⬤chebag!!"
  • Iriko Ookami: "Nico! How many times did I told you not to use inappropriate speech during class!? That's it, to the principal's office—right NOW!!!"
  • Nico Yazawa: "Why don't you make me?!"
  • [Nico clashes with Iriko on a Pokémon Battle]
  • [Iriko Ookami appreared!]
  • Iriko Ookami: "Bring it on, missy!" [Iriko used ExtremeSpeed!]
  • Nico Yazawa: [Screams in pain]
  • [Nico used Super Mega Ultra Karate Kick!]
  • Iriko Ookami: "AHHHHH!!" [Breathes heavily]
  • [Iriko used SuperPower! It's super effective!]
  • Nico Yazawa: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!" [Faints badly]
  • [Iriko won the battle!]
  • Nico Yazawa: "YOU F⬤⬤KING CHEATED!"
  • Iriko Ookami: "Well, that's what you deserved. I am the best fighters in the entire universe. Anyway, go to the Principal Minami's office right now."
  • [Nico sadly goes to Principal Minami's office, along with Vice Principal Shinami.]
  • Nico Yazawa: [sigh]
  • Principal Minami: "So Nico, what brings you here to my office?"
  • Nico Yazawa: "Um... Ms. Ookami brought me here for cussing at her and battling against her during my detention."