Nico goes to the Doctor!! is the 11th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


Nico's Mother takes Nico to the Doctor, and she has fears of needles!


The μ'sEdit



  • [The episode opens with Nico, Cocoro, Cocoa, and Cotaro playing with Toys, but Nico's Mother comes by]
  • Nico's Mother: "Kids! We are going to have a medical appointment!"
  • Nico: "What for mom?"
  • Nico's Mother: "You kids need to have a flu shot."
  • Nico's Mother: "Nico! If you don't get a flu shot, you'll get sick! We're going to the hospital whether you like it or not!" [to her siblings] "Let's go, kids."
  • [The kids are going inside their mother's car, but Nico is still in bad mood.]
  • [At the Misama Hospital...]
  • Yui Burioka: "Welcome to the Misama Hospital! Why are you here for?"
  • Nico's Mother: "Hello, Dr. Burioka. We're here for the appointment of my children for a flu shot."
  • Nico: "I dont want a flu shot mommy!"
  • Nico's Mother: "Nico, you have to!" [to Yui Burioka] "I'm sorry, doc. My elderly daughter is scared on medical injections."
  • Yui Burioka: "She needs to have her bravery, ma'am."
  • [Meanwhile, at the clinic room...]
  • Yui Burioka: "So, who will be having the flu shot first?"
  • Nico's Mother: "Nico would be the first because she's our eldest."
  • Yui Burioka: "Snap out of it, Nico. It's either we will prepare the operation, or you will sent to the mental facility. Your choice!"
  • Nico: [Stabs Yui Burioka with a flu shot injection] "DIE YOU F*CKING MOTHERF*CKER!"
  • Yui Burioka: "OOOOOOWWWWWWW! IT HURTS!!" [groans, faints]
  • Nico's Mother: [gasps] "Nico! What have you done to Dr. Burioka?!"
  • [Another doctor Aya Katsuo walks by, she shockingly discovered knocked down Yui Burioka.] 
  • Nico: "This is why I hate needles!"
  • Aya Katsuo: "What's going on here?!" [she confronts Yui Burioka] "Yui! What happened to you?!"
  • [Honoka and the Muse arrive]
  • Honoka: "What the hell happened?!"
  • Kotori: "Oh god! The doctor fainted!"
  • Honoka: "Ms. Yazawa, did Nico do all of this?!"
  • Nico's Mother: "Yes! She did!"
  • Honoka: "Should we hold Nico, to make sure she doesn't escape?"
  • [Eirin walks by]
  • Eirin: "Oh my! Aya, what happened to Yui?!"
  • Reisen: "Nico stabbed her..."
  • Aya Katsuo:  "Yeah! We need to take her on the mental facility for misbehavioral patients. She's outta control."
  • Eirin: "And Yui needs to have an emergency!"
  • [At the mental facility...]
  • Nico[incomprehensive screaming]
  • Aya Katsuo: "Calm down! Or I'll inject you in your sleep!"
  • [The Muse holds Nico, to make sure that she won't escape]
  • Aya Katsuo: "Good job, girls." [to her other doctors] "Now! Take her a shot!"
  • [They take the flu shot on Nico's right arm]
  • Nico: "GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! OWWWWWWwwwwww..." [faints]
  • Aya Katsuo: "That should be taken care of her."
  • [At home...]
  • Nico: "Since i am a good girl, do i deserve a lollipop?"
  • Nico's Mother: "NO!!!"
  • Nico: "Why don't i deserve a lollipop like my siblings?!"
  • [Cocoro, Cocoa, and Cotaro are seen licking each of their lollipops]
  • Nico: "Hey Cocoro, can i have a lollipop?"



  • This episode is one of the most darkest episodes of the series.