Nico the Queen! is the 27th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


Nico unintentionally becomes queen of Otonokizaka High School, but she keeps abusing her powers as queen! so the μ's must find a way to impeach Nico as queen.


The μ'sEdit

Supporting/Minor CharactersEdit


  • [The episode opens at Otonokizaka High School, and Nico is roaming around the school's halls. Cirno appears in Nico's way.]
  • Cirno: "Congratulations! You are now the queen of this school!"
  • [Cirno gives Nico a crown.]
  • Nico: "Thanks! Now i can rule this school with my own crown!"
  • [Nico goes to Principal Minami's office]
  • Nico: "I'm the queen of this school now! Get out of this school right now!"
  • Principal Minami: "No."
  • Nico: "Okay! You asked for it!"
  • [Nico takes out a whip, and she whips Principal Minami.]
  • Principal Minami: "OW!"
  • [Nico sits on Principal Minami's seat]
  • Nico: [Puts on announcements] "Hello! This is Queen Nico speaking! Principal Minami is out sick today! So i am going to take her position!"
  • [The other μ's members gasp, and they go to the office]
  • Honoka: "Nico! What the hell are you doing?!"
  • Nico: "You guys are going to be my servants! Buy me a New 3DS!"
  • Honoka: "No."
  • Nico: "Your gonna get whipped for not obeying me!"
  • [Nico whips Honoka 11 times.]
  • Honoka: "Owwwiee!"
  • Eli: "Who made you the queen of this school?!"
  • Nico: "Who the f*ck gives?! I am going to force all students to build a statue of me!"
  • [Nico whips the students and forces them to build a statue of her]
  • [They're whimping]
  • Eli: [sigh] "Someone has to impeach Nico."
  • Nico: "Guys, build a motherf*cking statue RIGHT F*CKING NOW!!!"
  • [Nico continues to whip the students and force them to build a statue]
  • [The other The μ's members stop]
  • Honoka: "We're NOT going to do that. I demand a impeachment!"
  • Nico: "I'll put you in prison Honoka for disobeying me!"
  • [Nico sets the trap door on Honoka and Honoka falls into the trap door, which leads to the basement prison]
  • Kotori: "I'm with Honoka..."
  • Umi: "Me Too!"
  • Hanayo: "M-Me three!"
  • Maki: "Me four!"
  • Rin: "Me five, nya~!"
  • Eli: "Me six!"
  • Nozomi: "Me seven!"
  • [Nico sets the trap doors on all of the μ's members and they fall into the trap door, which leads to the basement prison]
  • [In the basement prison]
  • Honoka: "We need to escape."
  • [Meanwhile with Nico, she's looking at her statue]
  • [Nico smiles]
  • [Meanwhile with Honoka...]
  • Honoka: "We need to come up with an escape plan."
  • Kotori: "Eh?"
  • [Honoka holds up the Portal gun from the PORTAL games.]
  • Honoka: "I got this portal gun."
  • Kotori: "O-Oh."
  • [Honoka shoots a blue portal near Nico's location and a yellow portal on the basement prison floor]
  • Honoka: "Now we're gonna escape!"
  • [They hop to the yellow portal]
  • [Nico notices what's happening]
  • Nico: "What the?!"
  • Honoka: "Were here to impeach you!"
  • Nico: "Why are you gonna impeach me guys?!"
  • [Nico runs off of her throne, the other Muse members chase her]
  • Nico: "So long motherf*ckers! You can't get this crown off of me!"
  • [Honoka catches up to Nico]
  • Nico: "HUH?!?"
  • [Nico punches Honoka in the face, Honoka falls on the floor]
  • Honoka: "Owwie!"
  • [Nico attempts to get out of the school, but her mother and Cotaro appears in the way]
  • Nico: "What the f*ck?!"
  • Nico's Mother: "Nico, what's the meaning of this!?"
  • Nico: "I am Queen Nico! I command you to get out of my way before i whip you!"
  • Nico's Mother: "No!"
  • [Cotaro Laughs]
  • Nico: "SHUT UP!"
  • [Nico whips Cotaro with her whip]
  • [Cotaro cries]
  • Cotaro: "Mom!"
  • Nico: "Guys, i never abuse my powers as Queen! Who agrees with me?"