Seitekina Taiyo
太陽 性逖字
Seitekina Taiyo
Seitekina Taiyo.





September 19, 1998 (Age 18)

Seitekina Taiyo (太陽 性逖字 Taiyō Seitekina?) is an OC created by GensokyoAngel.

Personality Edit

A perverted, timid person who can stop being a perv for a short period of time for his friends, and tends to avoid problems. He Jokes a lot. Tends to be picky, and is quick to act.  He's shallow (meaning he only cares about appearence and bust size when it comes to girls, so he doesn't care about their personality.) When not feeling perverted, he is a douchebag, a huge douchebag to be extact, however, he has a soft side to friends, people he's really close to and people who are upset.

In the Community Plaza fanon Edit

He is one of the students on Community Central High School, and frequnetly seduces Kokona Haruka (Before episode 9) and Eli Ayase.


Atsuko Taiyo
Twin Sister, kinda struggles to get along with her, but still likes her anyway.
Eli Ayase
Girlfriend, mainly loves her for her bouncy busts.
Nozomi Toujou
Close Friend.
Yoshi Hiroe
 Best Otaku Friend. (Which probably means best friend.) 
Friend Maid.
Good friend, but Seitekina wishes Charlotte would stop seducing him, as he already has a girlfriend.
Finds him a cool guy.
Nina Inabi
Childhood friend, Seitekina wishes Nina wasn't a soft girl and is attempting to turn her into a more mature, colder person by aleast inflicting some pain on her once a week. He usually gets a first kit before doing so to put bandages on Nina's injuries.

Kisekae CodesEdit






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