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The Computer Virus!

Episode #

53 (S6E3)

Written By

Storyboard By

Directed By

  • Igor the Mii
  • Pingy Animatronic

The Computer Virus! is the 53rd episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.

Plot summaryEdit

Nico accidentally releases a virus on Umi Sonoda's laptop!


The μ'sEdit



  • [The episode opens with Nico and Umi at Sonoda's residence]
  • Nico: "So Umi, what'cha doin'?"
  • Umi: "I'm shopping at Amazon on my laptop."
  • Nico: "I see." [Looks into the PC screen] "Sooo... What are you buyin'?"


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